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Jun 3 / Ann Kristin

New boutique designhotel in Copenhagen – Hotel SP34

From artistic and uniquely decorated 60 rooms, former Hotel Fox in Copenhagen has undergone a huge change, and opened the new doors to the new boutique HotelSP34 April 2014, now accommodating 118 room, a business/conference center and a private cinema.

From being a hip, colorful and artistic hotel for youngster travelers, Hotel SP34 now appears more grown up in its design, targeting “luxury bohemians” with its 4+ stars. The color scheme is in neutral greys, mainly combining concrete and woodwork and giving it warmth with soft brown leather details. It´s a very contemporary material mix in a nordic frame. Concrete, wood and marble contrasting eachother, while the grey walls create a unity and continuation throughout the space, graphic elements playing on the walls and casual seating arrangements makes it all come together as a very clean, contemporary and sophisticated townhouse style.

Hotel SP34 also put a roof over two two restaurant, two bars, and a rooftop terrace.

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Hotel-SP34-CopenhagenHotel-SP34-CopenhagenHotel-SP34-CopenhagenHotel-SP34-CopenhagenHotel-SP34-CopenhagenHotel-SP34-Copenhagen Hotel-SP34-CopenhagenHotel-SP34-Copenhagen Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen Bathroom Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen Hotel-SP34-Copenhagen


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May 30 / Ann Kristin

The Jane – Holy dining in Antwerpen

If you haven’t been going to church lately, I´ll suggest you start with this one. In a former church of a military hospital in Antwerpen, Belgium, some clever souls saw their opportunities to transform this incredible space in to what is today the high-end contemporary restaurant, The Jane. With the concept food is our religion, the open kitchen has naturally been placed where the altar used to be. The gourmet restaurant can accommodate about 60 people, all with a view of the open kitchen.

For a bar hang walk up the stairs to The Upper Bar Room.

The creators behind this beautiful transformation is the the Dutch design practice Piet Boon. They are known for creating refined and sophistically spaces with a caring eye of the perfectly chosen materials that distinguish a project’s style. None the less what they have optimized in this project, by preserving the church’s original mosaic flooring and the aged patina arched ceiling. The ceiling defines the space and draws the attention to the chandelier dominating the dining area. The 12 by 9 meters chandelier is designed by design studio .PSLAB, a team specialised in design and production of site-specific lighting products. It’s a unique light feature that adds to the signature of the space.

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Dining in a church Antwerpen 53441596c07a8091a0000271_restaurant-the-jane-antwerp-piet-boon_thejane_pb-16650-530x40253441608c07a8091a0000272_restaurant-the-jane-antwerp-piet-boon_pb_be_the_jane_antwerp_rp_019-530x59053441463c07a8091a000026e_restaurant-the-jane-antwerp-piet-boon_thejane_pb-16800-530x648Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 20.30.10534413d9c07a8091a000026d_restaurant-the-jane-antwerp-piet-boon_pb_be_the_jane_antwerp_rp_026-530x689 534414f0c07a80d9e300021f_restaurant-the-jane-antwerp-piet-boon_thejane_pb-76-530x707-1

 Photography by Richard Powers

Found via Yatzer and Archdaily

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Mar 6 / Melissa

My bedroom – a blue heaven

My bedroom have been turn into a blue heaven. And I love it. It is my favorite color!  Since I moved in its been white, a bit grey and now blue. Why blue you might ask? Well one of my favorite piece of photography is an image from Spitsbergen. Since the image is very light and tender in its expression, put on a white wall I did not feel it shine. So the right shade of blue was chosen with the picture in mind, to make the picture “pop”. And yes I am very satisfied.

The curtains is from Designers Guild, and was actually put in production after I had done the walls. And when I discovered them I knew they was perfect for my bedroom, and it sure is :D  I decided to make the curtains from wall to wall and ceiling to floor to get that hotel feel. For more inspiration on how to get that hotel feel in your bedroom check this post out.

The pillow covers I bought in the hotel shop at the design hotel in Hamburg 25 Hours Hotel. My style is more on the eclectic side with old furniture mixed with modern bed and frames. My bedside table is an old drawer which was used to store embroidery yarn. Perfect now to store all my jewelry. Hope you like it!

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Ideastosteal_com_Photo_byAnnikenZahlFurunes Ideastosteal_com_Photo_byAnnikenZahlFurunes Ideastosteal_com_Photo_byAnnikenZahlFurunes Ideastosteal_com_Photo_byAnnikenZahlFurunes



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Apr 22 / Ann Kristin

Raw harmony – from stable to modern apartment

The once old stable in Palma, Italy has now been transformed to modern apartment of it owners. A creative young couple appreciated the space and its layout as it was, large and open, and the only dividers put in to the space is light weighted textiles hanging from stainless steel wires up under the ceiling. And they have created a fun, creative and clever finesse to the space. The bathroom is solved as a freestanding box in the room, covered in 10×10 tiles, the bathroom has in a way been turned inside out. A genius design, and has a great coolness to it.

Raw Harmony - tiles and concreteRaw Harmony - tiles and concrete
Raw Harmony - tiles and concrete Raw Harmony - tiles and concrete

Found via Archdaily

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Apr 7 / Ann Kristin

Stripped down to the concrete surface

Barbara Hills stripped down the apartment to its bare surface, when taking over in 2007. From her point of view it wasn’t much to keep from how it looked from earlier owners. She teared down what could be teared down. The floors is covered in a water-based sealant, walls and ceiling have a rough and exposed look, and the furnishing is kept to its minimal. Not too less not too much. The furniture that is put in is statement enough, and take up space, but again not too much space. Barbara Hill likes it minimalistic, but she does it with style and with a personal twist.

Concrete interior home Concrete interior home Concrete interior home Concrete interior home Concrete interior home Concrete interior home Concrete interior home Concrete interior home

Found via Dwell

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Apr 5 / Ann Kristin

It’s all in the open – BLUE Communication office in Montreal

Everything is in the open, even the conference room are just divided off with clear glass. BLUE Communication office asked Jean Guy Chabauty and Anne Sophie Goneau to design their new office. The brief was to section off different work zones to create a stimulating and creative environment, initiating interaction and communication between the respective users. The warehouse space is painted all white with clear blue as a signature colour. To keep the industrial feel, it is polished concrete floor throughout the whole space and the ceiling construction is kept  visible. The look is minimalistic and clean. If you don’t get the clue with the shark on the wall, the meaning is to give impression of floating in a sea of creativity and imagination.

BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication officeBLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication officeBLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office BLUE Communication office

Found via Retail Design Blog

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Apr 4 / Ann Kristin

Interior stylist Sasa Antic shows his beautiful home

Small and compact, but incredibly clever and smart decorated. But of course, behind this beautiful design, there is a very talented stylist, so he knows his tricks. Saša Antic has decorated this 24 sqm studio to look bigger than it is, simply by using the old trick in the book, implementing mirrors to reflect and create an bigger illusion. The light blue kitchen is a beautiful eye-catcher, and has a soft transition to the dusty green-grey painted roof. The place is filled with personal objects, without creating a messy look, that’s definitely a tough one living in only 24 sqm, but it is possible as long as you have smart solutions. A beautiful compact studio!

Home interior Sasa AnticHome interior Sasa AnticHome interior Sasa AnticHome interior Sasa AnticHome interior Sasa AnticHome interior Sasa AnticHome interior Sasa Antic

Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt

Found via Elle Interiör

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Apr 3 / Ann Kristin

Foursquare’s HQ in Soho New York

Check in with Foursquare, not only at their new cool and funky office, but all around the world. That was also the theme for the redecoration. Ecah room represent a check in badge, either if it is a jetsetter for airport check-ins, far far Away for destinations above 59th St bridge in NYC, or for a record store check-ins. The atmosphere throughout the space is both hip and trendy, and relaxed and sophisticated.  The different seating types are all well spread out, from picnic benches, wooden stools, retro armchairs to quality design chairs. A bit of everything. And so is the style mix  in the rest of the decoration. It is playful with ping pong tables and shuffleboards, a chalkboard wall to draw on and decorative vinyls on the wall. But you also have the more formal meeting rooms. Function meets aesthetics.

Fours square office interiorFours square office interiorFours square office interiorFours square office interiorFours square office interiorFours square office interior Fours square office interiorFours square office interiorFours square office interior Fours square office interior

Found via Archilovers

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