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Apr 23 / Melissa

10 cozy bedroom spaces in the attic

Attics is often a difficult space to get the interior “right”. But as you can see, it is possible. Here are 10 beautiful cozy bedrooms in the attic, all very welcoming and warm. And if it isn’t space for a normal bed, put the mattress on the floor, a space saver.

Soverom på loftetBedroom in the atticBedroom in the atticBedroom in the attic Attic bedroomattic bedroomAttic bedroom woodAttic  by KlassDSignMinimal attic spaceNice attic space

1: Convoy 2: Apartment Thereapy 3: Pinterest 4: Pinterest 5: Pinterest 6: Apartment therapy 7: Wooden attic from Pinterest 8: Klass Design Flickr account 9: minmal attic from Klass Design 10: Pinterest

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  1. Maria - Mary made this. / Apr 23 2012

    Lovely inspiration. I really like the room with powder blue doors… oh, I like them all!

  2. Nicky khan / Mar 31 2013

    So amazing, such great spaces.
    I’m considering a loft conversion, thanks for
    sharing all the great ideas.

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