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Apr 22 / Melissa

15 nice bathrooms with white tiles

Who said white tiles had to be boring? Not me! Here we have collected 15 bathrooms and as you can see: a white tile is not just a white tile. With a variation in size from big to tiny mosaic, and what you decide to use on the floor, the bathroom can get a very different look. Why not lay the tiles in angle or maybe use yellow grout instead of black or white? The options are many. My favorite bath is picture no. 1 and the last no. 15. What is yours?  More bathroom inspiration click here.

White tiles with yellow plasterBathroom white tileswhite tilesWhite tiles in bathroom white tiles in bathroomadnet mirror from Gubiwhite tiles in bathroomWhite tiles bathroomClean white bathroomdiagonal white tilesbrick white tileswhite mosaic tilesbathroomlong mosaic white tiles

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  1. Ana / Apr 22 2012

    I have bathroom with white tiles, and I love it…you can play with details and always have new look in bathroom. Thanks for inspiration.

  2. vrensen / Apr 22 2012

    Gee, that’s a great idea: make the joints colourful instead of the tiles!! Looks great and special! And as I don’t like colourful tiles too much, that’s a pretty good alternative to avoid the bathroom from looking boring or clinical. Thanks! :)

  3. Nordpå / Apr 22 2012

    Stilig med gul fugemasse! :) Det var en god ide!

  4. Anu / Apr 22 2012

    It was very hard to choose the most favorite picture, but I think that the 5th and 15th will get my votes:)

  5. Marion Gardette / Apr 25 2012

    I wished I had seen the bathroom with the yellow joints before ordering the work in my bathroom. My bathroom is getting done, now with a mix of white tiles of the same shape, but in an alternance of glossy and mat finish. I hope it will look as good as in the pictures over!

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