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Nov 5 / Ann Kristin

Clever creativity – A Melbourne Home

I get drawn to interiors created by plywood boards. It has a beautiful dynamic finish, it creates such a good contrasts and is always a bit surprising to find in peoples home. Probably why I find it so attractive; the homes that dare to play and distinguish from the crowd is the most interesting homes. And this one is definitely one on that list. The perforated wall is a clever and creative way to display art and other decorative things on. It’s not only the art that adds something to the wall, the wall adds something to the art. The walls that has been dressed in plywood boards gives that x-factor and is like a painted canvas that give the one bedroom apartment a great personality. And it looks like it plays a functional role as well, to hide away all the storage.

Found via The Designfiles Daily

Photos by Sean Fennessy

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  1. Dinah / Nov 5 2012

    It’s gorgeous. Reminds me of this osb furniture by french architects Ecole :

  2. Salige Lavendel / Nov 5 2012

    Her var det mange artige detaljer!

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