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Feb 6 / Ann Kristin

Warehouse loft – young and trendy

A loft with a simple but bold interior. The mustard coloured floor is a daring element and softens the industrial steel-structured expression. Everything seems so randomly picked but still fits together perfectly. It is a former radio-factory. In the transformation the original structure is kept and exposed and gives a story to the space. With new modern materials and elements this loft express a contemporary refurbishment. The space is open, airy and casual. And once again, the floor is the coolest part, and of course the hammock in the middle of the living space.

a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory1Trendy city loft a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory8 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory2a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory3 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory5 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory6 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory7a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory4

Found via Loftenberg

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