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Feb 15 / Ann Kristin

Ankert – a ruin bar in Budapest

An abandoned ruin converted in to a trendy and popular nightlife spot in the center of Budapest. The visual presence of the once residential building has been kept, so the look of abandonment, damaged and run-down walls is still the overall visual effect. But the framework of the structure has been renovated to develop a safe and secure space. Beside from that it is the graphic and branding elements that gives this space its identity.

Graphic Design is by Szőke gergely

Project By  Hungarian architectural Amoeba Group

Ankert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar Budapest Ankert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar BudapestAnkert ruin bar Budapest

Found via Retail Design Blogg & WeLoveBudapest


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Feb 13 / Ann Kristin

A concrete jungel – Maracana House brings the outside inside

Terra e Tuma constructed this house for architect and studio director Danilo Terra and his family in Sao Paulo. It is a three level storey, where the lowest level is a storey below the street. In all privacy all of the living spaces is situated on the lowest floor in a big open plan that includes the kitchen, social area and a workspace. Large glass doors brings the outside in to the living room, and lets green plants grow up on the walls and emphasize the building even on the inside. The wooden doors, kitchen cabinets and furniture makes an excellent contrast to the concrete blocks that are exposed throughout the space. The artwork on the outside, in front of the entrance is by Alexandre Mancini, and are created especially for the house.

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Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma
Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma Maracanã House by Terra e Tuma

Found via Dezeen Photography is by Pedro Kok

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Feb 12 / Ann Kristin

Restaurant Stork – Amsterdam

Empty industrial warehouses is the new inventive way to create new modern spaces. Use of old space and convert it in to either apartments, as we often see as great successful and beautiful projects, or commercial spaces as high quality restaurants is still a big trend. Restaurant Stork is situated in an old industrial building at businesspark De Overkant, and is overlooking the waterfront. There have been different actors involved in the development and transformation of this former warehouse. Cube Architecten and Soluz are on contract to oversee the whole redevelopment of  the De Overkant site. In the transformation of Stork local design studio Interior Shock took part of what today is Europe’s biggest fish restaurant. They kept the raw finishes that characterises a warehouse so it still has a industrial feel, added texttiles to soften up and elements as old cable reels that helps build the seafood concept. Summertime you can have a seat outside and enjoy the sunny side of the river.

See similar projects // Radio Royaal in Eindhoven // Old warehouse convered in to a beautiful loft apartment

See more tips on Amsterdam

Amsterdam Restaurant Stork Amsterdam Restaurant Stork Amsterdam Restaurant StorkAmsterdam Restaurant StorkAmsterdam Restaurant StorkAmsterdam Restaurant StorkAmsterdam Restaurant StorkAmsterdam Restaurant StorkAmsterdam Restaurant Stork

Found via Yatzer Photo CUBE Architecten

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Feb 11 / Ann Kristin

New knives to the kitchen – By Canadian The Federal

What a beautiful set of knives to put on your cut board and shine up in your kitchen. Industrial designers Ian Murchison and Rohan Thakar designed the knives to explore an alternative emotion to the standard kitchen knives you see every day. For now it is just a prototype, but hopefully it can get in production. I’ll be one of the first to buy them. The beautiful maple wood is sealed and is easy to clean. They are simply beautiful – see more The Federal 

Maple Wood knives Maple Wood knivesMaple Wood knives Maple Wood knives Maple Wood knives

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Feb 10 / Ann Kristin

A colourful scandinavian feel in East London

Nina Tolstrup, known under Studiomama has turned this former carpentry workspace in to a space saving, fun and colourful holiday rental apartment. She is originally danish, but is based with her practice in London. And in this creative small space she has let her scandinavian vibes shine through. The kitchen is hand built, and the furniture is custom designed. The space is designed with a lot of energy, and suits the East End vibrant environment. Voss Street 2 is available for renting, check it out at The Modern House.

Colourful interiorColourful interiorColourful interior Colourful interiorColourful interiorColourful interiorvossstreet1Colourful interior Colourful interior Colourful interior Found via WeHeart

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Feb 8 / Ann Kristin

I-P House by Abaton

From the outside this house is a very modern and contemporary piece of architecture. And so are the base of the inside, with clean surfaces of limestone that gives that popular look of concrete. Initially a very minimalistic look, so seeing how the decoration has turned the house in to a warm and personal home in clear opposition to minimalism is a pure joy to the eye. The yellow is a perfect colour drop to this space.  The decoration is a mix of different types of wood, and from different eras; put together they talk a very personal and warm home. And that is just what a home is about. Surround yourself with the things you love and it will all sorts itself out.

A project by Abaton

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 21.38.26minimal-i-p-house-02Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 21.38.05Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 21.38.15 minimal-i-p-house-03minimal-i-p-house-08 minimal-i-p-house-04minimal-i-p-house-07Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 21.41.34 minimal-i-p-house-05

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Feb 6 / Ann Kristin

Warehouse loft – young and trendy

A loft with a simple but bold interior. The mustard coloured floor is a daring element and softens the industrial steel-structured expression. Everything seems so randomly picked but still fits together perfectly. It is a former radio-factory. In the transformation the original structure is kept and exposed and gives a story to the space. With new modern materials and elements this loft express a contemporary refurbishment. The space is open, airy and casual. And once again, the floor is the coolest part, and of course the hammock in the middle of the living space.

a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory1Trendy city loft a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory8 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory2a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory3 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory5 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory6 a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory7a-cozy-loft-inside-a-former-radio-factory4

Found via Loftenberg

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Jan 21 / Melissa

Hotel Mama Shelter – designed by Starck

The hotels I like, falls into two categories. Hotels designed for social gathering and fun or hotels with a space that reflects tranquility. Both of course with great sense of style. Mama Shelter in Marseille falls into the first. Creative space all around. And with social common areas that invites you to meet new people and have fun. This is definitly a must stay place in Marseille. Rooms starts at 79 Euros. The space is designed by the one and only Mr. Philippe Stark. And like most places he designs is a lot going on with color, shapes and patters. My favorite got to be the graphic illustrated carpets and the roof which has a lot of writing and drawings on it.  Mama Shelter also have a hotel in Paris!  

Mama Marseille27MamaShelterMarseille12MamaShelterMarseille
Mama Marseille24 Mama Marseille_nuit35 MAMA MARSEILLE_15-10-12 10412 Mama Marseille_nuit13 MamaShelterMarseille20 Mama Marseille_nuit01 Mama Marseille21 Mama Marseille25 Mama Shelter Mama Shelter
Mama Shelter Mama ShelterMama Shelter



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